Sprout is stoked to annouced that we won a Red Dot Award for Product Design for the WOO Sports Action Tracker.

The WOO was chosen from a field of over 5,000 entries, from 57 countries. The prestigious Red Dot Award is only given to the most iconic and innovative products of the year and is highly coveted in the field of Industrial Design.

Sprout and WOO Sports teamed up to launch the WOO Action Sports Tracker under Sprout’s venture arm. At Sprout Ventures, they invest design resources for a reduced fee in return for equity. With lifestyle driven product startups such as WOO, Sprout feels that if all parties are invested they can make the company go further with less upfront costs. This can be a risky approach, but with Sprout’s expertise in bringing products to market they feel the rewards outweigh the risk. This Red Dot Award is a strong indicator that their combined efforts will pay off.

Sprout is proud to announce we were selected as the Best of Show and 1st place winner in Technology, Media, Office and Self-Promotion for The Dieline’s first annual Concepts We Wish Were Real (CWWWR) packaging contest.

The goal of this concept was to provide a low impact package with up-cycling potential. To do so we designed a package that looked great at retail and had the added utility to double as a reusable food or water bowl for pets. Unfortunately, the cost for this concept was prohibitive and our client went in another direction.

Sprout is proud to announce we were selected as a Featured Finalist for this year’s IDEA Awards. IDEA is a premier international design competition.

Showcasing designs that are used every day, and products featuring first-of-a-kind innovations, the Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA) has announced the 136 winners of the 36th annual International Design Excellence Awards (IDEA). IDSA Board of Directors Chair and former IDEA Jury Chair John Barratt hails the competition as “the authority on design.”  More than 1,700 design projects from 30-plus countries entered IDEA 2016. Jury Chair Cameron Campbell, IDSA, led a team of global design experts from June 3 to 6 at The Henry Ford to judge more than 600 finalists.

Sprout is proud to announce that we won a ShowStopper Innovation and Design Award for the Stellé Audio Wireless Earbud Locket™ and the Stellé Audio Pillar™.

Sprout teamed up with Stellé to create wireless Bluetooth™ earbuds nestled in a beautiful locket – the first of its kind in wearable tech – allowing women to cut the cord with the perfect union of both sound and style. The Audio Pillar™ provides a mix of fantastic sound and sweet style. Featuring limited edition collections and collaborations with brands like Dwell studio, Sprout created a must have product for the fashionable music lover.

Over 10 MILLION PETS are lost each year, and sadly only one in 10 are ever recovered. Pawscout has created a connected pet ID tag that tracks your pet's location by creating a mesh network of smartphones.

Pet owners can create a profile of their dog or cat with key information including breed, personality traits, and whether it has any health or behavioral issues, or medicinal needs. The app will be able to tell you how close your pet is within a 250 foot Bluetooth range. If you’re out at the dog park, or tying your mutt up outside a cafe, you can set up a virtual leash that alerts you if they get outside a preset perimeter.

But it’s when you put the app in lost mode that the full utility of Pawscout comes out. Chavez says they spent a tremendous amount of time and effort perfecting the platform so that it tracks real time data and relays it meaningfully and simply. In lost mode, anyone who has the app and comes within 250 feet of your pet can be notified that your pet is lost. Through mesh networking, your pet’s location is updated and relayed to you.

The founders of Boston-based Woo Sports focus less on leveraging data to help athletes improve, than giving them bragging rights. Woo makes a device about the size of a pack of gum that clips onto a kiteboard to gather stats from an outing.

When the Woo device gets close to a smartphone, it relays the data, so a kiteboarder riding the waves of Pleasure Bay in South Boston can compare his altitude or maximum airtime with a friend doing the same on the Cape. Chief executive Leo Koenig says Woo has already signed a distribution deal to put its product in several hundred stores; it will be available in the fall, at $149. The company plans to market it to snowboarders, BMX bike riders, and other action sports aficionados next.

Consider Ecovent, a temperature control system that checks humidity and other environmental factors to open and close connected vents to optimize heating of the house in various conditions.

The company is now testing data analytics to diagnose problems, such as mold hazards or figuring out that the one room that never gets warm may have been built with uninsulated ducts.

“Partnering with the Sprout team has been an absolute pleasure. They’re all super smart and dedicated to best-in-class ID.  The process by which they managed the project was clear, concise, collaborative and always on-time. We just received our first customer ready SmartTag off the production line, and we couldn’t be more delighted with the wicked good design!”
“Working with Jordan and the crew at Sprout is fantastic. They get stuff done quickly and really well. They pour a lot of passion into the work they do, which is why the work delivered has that touch of excellence, beauty and art that is hard to find and define. Beyond that, Jordan knows how to work with startups. Jordan will push you and your team to keep the needle moving and deliver on time. Most importantly, they’re wicked cool people to work with.”
“Jordan and his team obsessed over every detail of Pawscout from the design, packaging, and production of the actual device to the website and application. They accepted no compromises, and forced our manufacturer into multiple redos until every aspect of the product was perfect.”