Sprout and Draper’s World Changing Ideas

A few months ago, we introduced a trio of groundbreaking products as a partnership with Draper: an all-in-one immunotherapy bioprocessing device, an autonomous microplastic-sensing underwater drone, and a mobile fridge for developing countries.

We’re honored to announce that all three projects were recognized by Fast Company as World Changing Ideas! The competition was tough: there were over 2,000 entries from New Zealand to Sweden to Shanghai, putting us neck and neck with big players like Aira, IBM, and Upsolve. But the combination of Draper’s cutting-edge technology and Sprout’s innovative design led us to two finalist recognitions and two honorable mentions:

Draper is a leading research and development organization, headquartered in Cambridge. With over 1,000 engineers, the lab specializes in advanced technology solutions for problems in space exploration, healthcare, energy, and national security. With a ton of innovative technology and research in their back pocket, Draper engaged Sprout to solve the challenge of making new technologies useful and accessible in the real world. The products were launched and announced publicly at Draper’s Engineering Possibilities event in September 2018.

The immunotherapy bioprocessing device at EP18 in Cambridge.
Sprout Boston industrial design Product Design Rendering DRAPER Refrigerator mobile thermoelectric wisteria gates foundation
Rendering of the thermoelectric fridge in context.
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DRAPER VBL LAYOUT, designed by Sprout Studios.