CES 2014

Just got back from CES. This year conference was a madhouse. I haven’t seen the official numbers yet but guessing it may have been close to the biggest year yet and would have been even bigger if wasn’t for many airlines shutting down due to the wintery weather. Needless to say we made it and had a great show. Sprout was awarded 3 innovations for our work with Stelle Audio Couture & Blueflame more to come soon on this.

Our personal Fav’s where the iLounge Pavilion, 3d printing section with Makerbot kicking some major ass, the return of the car companies, wearables and med-tech, health & fitness sections. As always its great to get on the floor and talk with people as well as experience the new products first hand. Overall we saw a lot of nice design, a few new brands emerge and some great product details. Big props to Keyshot for throwing down with a killer designer happy hour at the Hard Rock  – Hope to see you all next year!
You can check out all our show pics on our Flickr page.

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