The Sprout Hat Case

Sprout needed to design a way to send our new branding collateral out to clients and friends.  We gave ourselves a couple hours to create a better way to send out all our new swag.  The solution featured a clear acrylic dome that preserves the hat’s shape and also creates space for other giveaways, like t-shirts and stickers, to be tucked inside.  Not only can the Hat Case act as a way to keep the gear safe when we ship it off, it can be reused by the recipient when they travel.

Each Hat Case is able to fit a hat, t-shirt, some stickers and business cards.  The leather strap on the back can attach the Case to a backpack or suitcase.  The snap back detail is embossed with the Sprout logo as is the iconic grommet on the top of the case.


Process sketching

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