As a product design firm, we’ve created hundreds of products for our clients over the last decade.  We have designed and developed products for everyone from startups to Fortune 500 companies.  These products are sold everywhere from crowdfunding platforms like Kickstart and IndieGoGo to big-box retailers like Best Buy and Target.

Sprout Labs is the lightning rod for all of our ideas.  It’s a part of our company that is dedicated to bringing our concepts to reality and owning them 100%.  The purpose of Labs is to find a concept so amazing, so viable, that it would enable us to launch it as it’s own living, breathing company.  Check out some of our ideas from last year that didn’t quite make it and read our full introduction on Medium.

What is actually in all those tupperware containers stacked in your fridge? Do you know? Do you even care? Every year in the U.S., approximately 40% of food goes to waste.

Globally, food waste generates 3.3 billion tons of greenhouse gases.  This amounts to US $1 trillion dollars of wasted or spoiled food.  Those are staggering numbers, and we think much of the waste stems from one simple face: You don’t know what’s in your fridge till it goes bad.

Check out our full article on Medium to see the entire project.

In the US, more than 60,000 kids per year are treated for overdoses or poisoning from unintentionally taking medication. This seemed like another viable market to examine as a possible use-case for a “smart cap”. Armed with these hypotheses, we began the design process to expand upon and iterate a smart cap concept.

Maybe you need a way to stop those late-night cravings, or a way to secure medicines from young hands, or simply a super-secure means of storing jam.

Honestly, this idea came about when thinking about how to safely contain medical marijuana. Now that weed is legal in many states, we can start to look at it through legitimate market lenses.

Check out our full article on Medium to see the entire project.

Coming Soon // Drone Racing Gear
The inspiration to design for Drone Racing was growing with the rise of the drone market. As more and more people became involved with these flying machines, we notice a lack of products designed for them. The racing goggles come first, these will be customizeable, cobrandable, adjustable, and just plain cool.

“ There’s no getting around the fact that everyone looks like a dork wearing a head-mounted display.  The failure of Google Glass was in large part due to the fact that you could not pass the cool test wearing one.”

Stay tuned for more!

Coming Soon // Child-Proof Cannabis Packaging
The Safety Packaging project was inspired from a lack of good options for securing items from children and those who shouldn’t access them. We started by designing a single use child-proof slide for the medical Cannabis industry, and pivoted that towards a reusable set of concepts that allowed any reinforced bag to become a secure package for a wide variety of contents.

Stay Tuned.

Coming Soon // Schleppers
It’s estimated that U.S. beaches contribute more than $320 billion annually to the national economy. Sprout is rethinking the beach-going experience.

Our target audiences are families, weekenders, and vacationers who either don’t have the time or desire to prepare/purchase items for a beach day.

We will accomplish this by providing a fun, fast, intuitive, customizable service that provides everything needed for a beach day.

Coming soon!