Wicked Good Design

Our Boston-based studio fuses visual and physical design that meet at the intersection of hardware and software to create cohesive products, brands, and experiences that drive business growth.

/ Sprout Studios

Sprout Studios is an award-winning, concept-to-launch design studio deeply rooted in technology and innovation.

Our studio inspires creative collaboration, incubates original solutions, and rapidly prototypes concepts that equip our clients to create what’s next.

/ The Team

Sprout is built to be strategically creative and tactically maneuverable

We stack our lineup with talent, not numbers, as we believe client success is about quality, not quantity. With our proven track record, we’re strong enough to command any room, yet humble enough to take a back seat when needed.

Jordan Nollman

CEO & Principal

Bill Valls

Vice President of Design

Dan Reilly

Chief Operating Officer

Matt Bettencourt

Director of Industrial Design

Kelsey McNally

Marketing Manager

Rich Orsini

Industrial Design Director

Pamela Ramos

Project Manager

Calvin Cottrell

Project Manager

Adam Gray

Industrial Designer

Kim Amaral

Financial Officer

Lucy Patterson

Studio Manager

Ryan O’Donnell

Art Director

Matt Guay

Visual Designer

Phoebe Lasater

Visual Designer

Spencer Cummins

Visualization Designer

Tanner Riddle

Visualization Designer

James Krasner

Visualization Designer

Leah Holt

Marketing Designer

Natalia Baltazar

Industrial Designer

Daniela Garcia Garcia

Industrial Designer

Cheney Chen

Visualization Designer

CJ Ray

Visual Designer

Ernesto Moreno

Visualization Designer

Josh Lu

Industrial Designer


Snack Inspector

/ Boston Made

Boston Strong

Aside from its rich revolutionary history, Boston boasts a global reputation for academic, technological, and medical excellence alongside a sports legacy or two or three.

The Boston ecosystem is home to cutting-edge technology and science industries, robust R&D centers, numerous Fortune 500 companies, over 60 of the best universities in the country, and a booming startup community.

These forces have made Boston a hub for global talent, progressive ideas, and the commercial opportunities that emerge when design, technology, and entrepreneurship intersect. We’re proud to be part of this influential community and call Boston home.

Our satellite offices in Cincinnati, Los Angeles and San Francisco align Sprout’s energy with kindred spirits across the country.

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