New Wearable for Dogs and Cats Uses Digital and Social Technologies to Find Lost Pets

Sprout is proud to announce our newest venture, Pawscout, a digital tag and pet finder for cats and dogs. Over the last year we’ve worked vigorously on every detail of the Pawscout brand, product, packaging, UI and UX. (See the official press release below.)

SAN FRANCISCO – October 30, 2014 – Pawscout today introduced its flagship product, a next-generation digital pet finder that works with a connected mobile app and a worldwide tracking community to keep pets safe.


A family pet is lost every seven seconds – meaning that 10 million pets are lost each year[1]. One out of three pets is lost during its lifetime, and only one in 10 pets is returned to its family.  To combat the heartache of losing a furry family member, Pawscout created the next-generation pet tag and finder – the Pawscout Pet Finder – that offers a lifetime of protection for a one-time fee of $29.95.


The Pawscout Pet Finder attaches to any pet collar and provides radar-style honing that uses any mobile phone to locate a pet within a 200-foot radius, including a virtual leash that sends notifications if a pet strays. This capability is ideal for cats that tend to hide in the local vicinity and dogs that wander. For pets that go missing, Pawscout’s Social GPS invokes a tracking community that automatically notifies owners when a dog or cat comes within 200 feet of anyone who has the Pawscout app.


“Keeping pets safe involves a combination of great technology and community involvement,” said Andrea Chavez, founder of Pawscout. “The pet tag has not evolved for over 75 years. We’re bringing it into the digital era with a price point and feature set that is accessible to every pet owner, and by simply downloading the app, everyone can help their neighbors find a lost pet for no cost at all.”


The Pawscout Pet Finder has a retail price of $29.95, requires no monthly fees and is designed to replace the traditional metal-engraved pet tag. The product is waterproof and has a one-year battery that the owner can replace easily.


Pawscout also stores extended identification information, including health data, in an online pet profile that can be accessed by anyone with the free Pawscout mobile app. Anyone who finds a Pawscout pet will have all the information to return the lost pet to its owner and take care of the pet according to its health, behavioral and dietary needs until the reunion takes place.


Pawscout-protected pets can be “shared” via the app with family members, pet walkers and sitters, allowing them to participate in the safety and well-being of canine and feline family members.


“Keeping pets out of shelters and safe with their families is our most important initiative,” said Dr. Jennifer Scarlett, co-president of the San Francisco SPCA. “Pawscout is a wonderful cause as much as it is a great product. Our organization intends to make San Francisco the world’s safest pet community through Pawscout.”


The Pawscout Pet Finder is available with an optional custom-engraved nameplate that comes in various colors and styles. An accessories pack provides different sizes of collar flush-mounts for cats and dogs to achieve a perfect fit.


Available for immediate order


The Pawscout Pet Finder and accessories are available online at www.pawscout.com on a first-come, first-served basis. Orders placed prior to December 31, 2014 will include a free custom-engraved nameplate and flush-mount kit.  The product will ship in February, 2015.


About Pawscout


Pawscout was founded in 2014 with the mission to reunite lost pets with their families.  One out of three pets is lost during its lifetime, and only one in ten pets is returned to its family. To combat the heartbreak of losing a furry family member, Pawscout introduced the next-generation digital pet finder and tag (the Pawscout Pet Finder) that combines a mobile app and a worldwide community of animal lovers that work together to keep pets safe.


Pawscout is based in San Francisco and is partnering with the SF SPCA to achieve its goal of ending animal abandonment by 2020.  Pawscout Pet Finders are available at pawscout.com for $29.95.

[1] Weiss, Emily; Slater, Margaret; Lord, Linda. 2012. “Frequency of Lost Dogs and Cats in the United States and the Methods Used to Locate Them.” Animals 2, no. 2: 301-315.


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