Sprout x AI: Two 3D Tools Put to the Test

In an ever-evolving world, the potential of AI (Artificial Intelligence) continues to captivate industries across the globe. In the design space, AI presents an incredible opportunity to revolutionize the way we create and innovate. At Sprout, we believe in embracing this technology to uncover its full potential and push the boundaries of our creativity.

Over the last few months, the Sprout team has been exploring AI to truly comprehend how it can amplify our creative abilities. Our visualization team recently put two 3D tools to the test – Rokoko Video and Nvidia Canvas – to experiment with how they can be leveraged in our workflow. 



Rokoko Video is an AI-powered motion capture tool that turns 2D video into a 3D rig that can be applied to a variety of character models. Rokoko offers the tool free of cost to give back to the community, making the world of animation more accessible to all. Though it can sometimes lack precision, it is overall a great tool for creators to pre-visualize ideas, produce high volumes in quick time frames, and learn more about motion capture without a high-cost investment.



Nvidia Canvas is a free tool that uses AI to generate realistic High Dynamic Range Images (HDRI) from simple user drawings. With Nvidia Canvas, our designers were able to create full 360-degree images within minutes. While the tool is still in its early development stage, we are excited to witness its growth and envision utilizing it for faster concept exploration as it is highly customizable and easy to use.


As we continue to explore the integration of AI into our creative design process, we will continue to share our findings and insights. Have you found an AI tool that enhances your creative process? We’d love to hear about it!

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