Sprout Makes a Splash on Time Best Invention List

When Sprout teamed up with Cambridge-based lab, Draper, to design an underwater vehicle that detects microplastic content in the ocean, we knew it was a good idea. Turns out, TIME Magazine agrees. In an announcement released today, the sleek vessel has earned a spot on the 2019 TIME Best Invention List! So how did this creation come about?

To design this environmentally conscious drone, we first looked at Draper’s visual brand language to find cohesive elements that inspired us to construct intentional, innovative, dynamic, and unobtrusive, signature features. For three years the project slowly took shape, as we decided to approach the form and characteristics with a holistic perspective of the product’s environments: due to the possible harmful effect rudders could have on ocean life, the vehicle needed to include thrusters.

Throughout this entire process, we worked closely with the Draper team and the Environmental Protection Agency in order to design intentionally, with aesthetics and sustainability in mind. The outcome? A new piece of technology that could lead to further plastic research, help the environment, and pioneer emerging plastic trends.

In order to assemble the 2019 TIME Best Inventions list, TIME solicited nominations across a variety of categories from editors and correspondents around the world. Each contender was then evaluated on a handful of key factors ranging from originality and effectiveness to ambition and influence. The result: 100 groundbreaking inventions that are changing the way we live, work, play and think about what’s truly possible.

We are thrilled about this news, and can’t wait to celebrate with you all during the launch of Sprout 3.0 and our 5th-anniversary party on December 6th!

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