Interested in a career at Sprout?

Join a team of designers that don’t just get things done, we get things done right.

/ Working at Sprout

We believe that creativity and innovation stem from having a great team and a collaborative work process. Our motto of work hard/ play hard creates an environment that allows us to generate groundbreaking work to transform our client’s businesses.

Project Diversity

We cater to a range of multi-discipline client needs, giving our team the opportunity to collaborate with designers from all different skill sets


We understand the importance of having the right tools for the job, that’s why Sprout provides all the resources necessary for great design

Career Development

We are constantly working to improve our knowledge and craft from within in order to accommodate internal promotions first

Team Offsites

We believe that team building, true collaboration, and a comfortable work environment, start beyond the walls of the studio

Never Go Hangry

A hungry designer is an unhappy designer. We have a constant supply of fuel for creativity and always cater to late-night working sessions

Studio Growth

In the past year, we have grown over 200% and are still looking to expand. We are always looking for new talent to add to the roster

/ Life Outside The Studio

Design is a lifestyle.

At Sprout, we believe in a strong work-life balance and share a common belief that design is a lifestyle not a job.