Graphic Design Intern (Spring 2023)

Sprout is looking for the next rock-star design intern to join our multi-disciplinary team.  Our interns aren’t the go-get-coffee and sit quietly in the corner type. We want outgoing and active team members to help us create user-centered designs across various mediums.

Your day-to-day responsibilities will consist of supporting the design team (including internal social media marketing) by developing beautiful designs and impactful stories. Sprout produces world-class creative for a variety of industries ranging from tech to retail. You’ll be expected to work well in the Adobe Creative Suite and be able to communicate clearly through both verbal and visual means. Digital and motion graphics experience are a huge plus.


Specific Skills

  • Some previous design experience (previous internships are helpful)
  • Finishing a degree in Graphic Design (we prefer more senior students that have well-developed skills)
  • A fresh, original portfolio of diverse creative work
  • A self-managing, motivated and entrepreneurial nature
  • Hardworking, team player who is easy to get along with
  • Ability to take creative direction
  • Ability to support design teams & process at all levels
  • Understanding of global trends, technology, lifestyle, and fashion
  • Strong, unique, communication and visualization skills
  • Strong storytelling skills and techniques
  • Great eye for layout, typography, iconography, and color theory
  • Ability to work within a client style guide as well as create fresh and unique creative graphic assets
  • Mastery of Adobe Creative Suite

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