Sprout collaborated with Brave Labs to develop a fluid transportation brand based around an electric scooter.  Sprout developed a brand language steeped in gearhead mythology and California surf/moto-culture, which is expressed through accessories and apparel just as much as the vehicle itself.  Sprout designed the logo, branding, user experienced and digital experiences to reflect this bad ass aesthetic.  It was just as important to remain authentic as it was to build an iconic design.

The vehicle is connected via Bluetooth to the user’s smartphone and allows for complete integration between the bike, the rider, and the brand. We were charged with branding, UI/UX, and interaction design of the product and peripherals.  Millennials expect seemless integration between technology and their lifestyle. By giving them a means of movement that also reflects their individuality, as well as a vehicle that provides access to their physical social networks, we hope to encourage a new paradigm in personal transportation.

We spent a lot of time building out the architecture of the app, planning out the interactions between the driving and non-driving states. It was just as important to ensure solid brand alignment and social engagement when not riding the vehicle as it was to create strong, distraction-free communication during vehicle operation.