Sprout Celebrates March Madness 2024

As another March Madness season ends, we’re psyched to reveal the 4th Annual Sprout Madness Trophy for 2024.

Per tradition, the winner of the team-wide bracket competition is awarded a cash prize, bragging rights, and the challenge to expand on the previous trophy. Last year’s winner, Creative Director Ryan O’Donnell, designed the updated base for this year, adding the ball and net to the bottom.

Industrial designer Josh Lu was then tasked with bringing the sketch to reality. Josh used Solidworks to design the 3D CAD for the new addition before rendering the trophy in all of its golden glory using KeyShot. His final challenge was creating the 3D printed version of the trophy, using our Formlabs 3D printer, that would eventually sit on the desk of this year’s winner.

After a nail-biting race this year, visual designer C.J. Ray was declared the winner of 2024 Sprout Madness after pulling ahead in the last round and surpassing second place by 24 points! This was C.J.’s first time ever competing in any March Madness bracket competition, which proves that it’s truly anyone’s game. Stay tuned for next year to see how the trophy will expand as our tradition continues.

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