SeaHive: Our Plastic-Free Packaging Partner

In 2017, we worked with Malcom Fontier and the Pakt team to design the Pakt One bag. When the bag went on to crowdfund over $2 million, we needed to figure out how to package and ship over 10,000 units across the globe in an environmentally responsible manner. We also needed the packaging experience to be as beautiful, simple, and well-made as the bag itself. 

There is a spectrum of environmental responsibility and companies have to decide where on that spectrum they want to exist. A core value for Pakt is to have the lowest possible impact on the planet while making products that last a lifetime (and don’t end up in a landfill), so how those products are packaged is crucial to Pakt’s mantra.

We designed a plastic-free packaging system for Pakt that included a simple tuck-top box fitted to the product’s dimensions to reduce waste. 


After experiencing the trial-and-error involved in going plastic-free, Pakt founder Malcolm Fontier was inspired to start SeaHive, a program dedicated to helping others choose eco-conscious packaging options. The name reflects the inspiration found in nature and belief that we can do more when we work together.

Sprout shares similar values to that of SeaHive (and Pakt), and also believes that companies have a choice in how their operations will impact the environment. We are proud to be a SeaHive partner, along with a number of companies in the packaging industry that have a keen environmental focus. As a partner, we dedicate a portion of our revenue to help support SeaHive in their mission to eliminate single-use plastic packaging and keep their resources and information open-source.

Visit the SeaHive website to access open-source education and awareness about packaging alternatives, and a directory of packaging suppliers and design partners.

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