Case Study

Power Untethered: Pushing the boundaries of wireless charging solutions.

Case Study

Power Untethered: Pushing the boundaries of wireless charging solutions.

/ DeepCharge: Intro


DeepCharge is a Boston-based startup operating at the forefront of wireless charging systems. Its wireless platform is powered by a core technology developed by the founders while at Northeastern University with the backing of National Science Foundation grants. Our work gave their Qi-standard charging technology a form language, unifying a family of initial products to support their investment community engagements.

/DeepCharge: The Approach

Imagine There’s No Wires

DeepCharge believes the user experience for wireless charging should be simple, effective, and effortless. Their frustration with the user experience for nascent offers from other early providers became a catalyst for their work. With their AI-enabled, software-defined, and Qi-standard platform they have defined several advances designed to mainstream the wireless charging experience.



Among other innovations, DeepCharge solutions include ambient links with device batteries (no coil alignment required) and transmutation configurations that convert tabletop surfaces into ambient charging media (no charging pad required). These breakthroughs provide a new degree of freedom for product design teams to envision and embody prospective use cases.



The challenge for DeepCharge was to push past the minimally viable product stage by defining a product family which would demonstrate how the platform could flex to embrace new and emerging consumer, commercial, and industrial applications. Our challenge was to balance the rigor of the technology and its suite of commercial partner development tools with the elegance of imagined solutions.

DeepCharge Wireless Charging Pad Products
/ Deep Charge: The Approach

Technology-enabled Creative Freedom

The DeepCharge platform radically transforms the wireless charging experience. Our initial visual design explorations focused on two proof-of-concept products: a laptop charging pad (for consumer use cases) and a portable drone charging station (for commercial applications). These studies leveraged the freedom that ambient charging fields offered for the design of charging surfaces for multiple devices (on a desktop) and for docking drone charging feet (on standard UAV configurations).

In a second push, the Sprout design team worked with DeepCharge to embody the technology in a configuration that responded to investor interest in the development of scalable, commercial solutions. These studies embodied two other DeepCharge innovations: “transmutation” (the conversion of tabletop surfaces – like counters or desks – into wireless power stations) and “energy hopping” (the capacity for a single master charging hub to wirelessly supply satellite charging stations).

Our charter was to define a design language that would feel appropriate for both home and work environments and that offered a first expression for the ‘personality’ of a DeepCharge experience through iconic forms and signature design details.

Sketches of DeepCharge Wireless Charging Pads
Sketches of DeepCharge Wireless Charging Pads
Sketches of DeepCharge Wireless Charging Pads
3D Cad of DeepCharge Wireless Charging Pads
/ Deep Charge: The Approach

Laptop Pad:

Elegant Battery-driven Living

The DeepCharge wireless charging laptop pad provides a high-speed charging surface for all the devices that now require their own power supply: laptop, phone, earbuds, etc. A place for everything and everything in its place. Ideal for a personal workstation, the pad can also act as a charging hub for all the home (or office) devices that now fight for their own outlet. 



High-capacity, high-efficiency Qi-compatible charging pad

• Antimicrobial frantic top

• Underside venting for added cooling 

• Large non-slip footpad

• Illuminated light ring to indicate changing mode

• 5° tilt for a better user experience

DeepCharge Wireless Charging Pad
Render of DeepCharge Wireless Charging Pad
/ Deep Charge: The Approach

Drone Dock:

Goes Where Work Gets Done

The DeepCharge wireless drone charging dock combines the coil-sensing and surface transmutation features in a versatile, on-demand charging system.  The ambient charging surface provides an added degree of freedom for landing location. Lightweight feet are optimized for high-speed charging. And the portable form factor is ideal for agricultural, real estate, and tactical first responder applications.



High-capacity, high-efficiency Qi-compatible charging dock.

• Foldable design for added portability

• Integrated handle for ease of carry

• Oversized QR code for drone alignment when landing

• Shock absorbing charging feet

• Expansive ambient landing zone

DeepCharge Wireless Charging Pad for Drone in a Farm
DeepCharge Wireless Charging Pads for Drone
DeepCharge Wireless Charging Pads for Drone
/ Deep Charge: The Approach


One Charger to Rule them All

The DeepCharge wireless under-surface charging system combines the DeepCharge “transmutation” and “energy hopping” technologies in one solution. With a single master charging hub and an array of satellite charging stations, this configuration can transmute an entire desk, table, or counter surface for charge transfers. Its use cases span retail, commercial, and industrial settings.



High-capacity, high-efficiency Qi-compatible large surface wireless charging

• Low profile design

• AirFuel-compatible energy-hopping hubs

• Coil-contact free, fast-charging design

• Calable hub/satellite system

• Command strip or screw mounted attachment system

DeepCharge Wireless Charging Tile
DeepCharge Wireless Charging Tile
DeepCharge Wireless Charging Tile
/ Deep Charge: The Outcome

Charging Forward

The DeepCharge platform is streamlining the development process for wireless charging applications across industries. It is increasingly well-positioned to advance discussions with diverse development partners. Along with other early-stage investors, Sprout Ventures is committed to the vision of the DeepCharge team. We believe as they do that their platform can empower developers to deliver on the promise of wireless charging for consumer and commercial solutions. With a growing portfolio of Sprout Ventures partners and investment, we are excited to see what’s next as this local startup charges forward.

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