The 3 Pillars of Visualization

A year ago we welcomed our Director of Visualization, Robert Cheezum, and introduced his vision for Sprout Viz. Since then, the team has been incredibly busy writing the next chapter for visualization as a competitive advantage that blends technology, design and commerce.

Our designers offer a wide array of services ranging from 3D CAD creation to high-resolution, photorealistic, computer-generated imagery, and animations. Whether it’s images for Amazon’s online marketplace or an animation for a keynote presentation, we help clients visualize what’s needed to get the job done. The work — which includes industries ranging from architecture and transportation to product and packaging, for clients from startups to Fortune 100 brands — can be broken down into what we call “The 3 Pillars of Visualization.”

Design Visualization: Using visualization assets to sell the idea.

Design Visualization is the art of communicating product design and development prior to manufacturing. During this early stage we explore and execute rendering and animations in order to inform design selection, guide internal decision-making, and equip team members to promote the concepts to stakeholders who need to share the vision.

Product Storytelling: Using visualization assets to tell the product story.

A product story must be established to successfully promote, train, and support a product launch in the post-design phase. Our 3D visualization designers develop a wide range of communication tools including contextual renderings, technical illustrations, exploded views, marketing animations, instructional videos, sales collateral, and other marketing resources that support multi-channel sell-in and sell-through campaigns.

Enterprise Asset Visualization: Using visualization assets to present portfolio stories at scale.

Leveraging the power of visualization across an organization can unlock tremendous flexibility and efficiency. Technically a branch of Product Storytelling, this pillar focuses on solutions that apply visualization techniques and methods at scale to support the imaging asset creation and management requirements of expansive enterprise portfolios. We have defined best practices to assist companies who are creating digital libraries from legacy assets, as well as those developing native digital asset creation strategies.


On our website, you can see the latest work from our visualization team and read more about how we help clients increase customer engagement with their brands, encourage purchase confidence, and stand out in a crowded digital economy. If you have a project on your radar that our “viz superpower” might amplify or accelerate, you can reach out via our website or email Robert directly at robert@sprout.cc.

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