Case Study

Creating digital assets to foster competitive advantage at enterprise scale

Case Study

Creating digital assets to foster competitive advantage at enterprise scale

/Kubota: Intro

Build My Kubota

Kubota USA engaged Sprout to produce a library of world class photorealistic product renderings of their tractors and RTVs to support their guided online shopping experience called ‘Build My Kubota’ (BMK). BMK enables prospective buyers the opportunity to add and customize their product selections prior to physically visiting a dealership. Due to the complexities and costs of capturing their expansive portfolio of products using traditional photography, 3D Visualization provided the only feasible solution to present the entire product portfolio accurately and consistently.

/Kubota: The Challenge

Elevate and Unify the Visual Presentation

Prior to BMK, the visual web assets representing Kubota’s product portfolio varied widely, as photography was often produced as needed, and sourced from a variety of separate business units, vendors, and at different times of the year. Some products were represented by only a few photographs and often presented each product differently in terms of composition and context. Kubota wanted to unify their product presentation and elevate the quality of their visual assets across their portfolio. They also sought to provide buyers with the ability to digitally configure their custom tractor or RTV on the website, and then review the accessories and options in the image. To accomplish this goal, Kubota asked Sprout to produce a collection of visual assets to cover their entire portfolio, including 360 degree interactive images and multiple angles of every possible accessory configuration available within BMK.

/Kubota: The Approach

A Collaborative Undertaking

Each one of Kubota’s products represents a highly detailed and complex assembly of components, with a wide variety of materials and finishes. To properly represent the CMF (color, material, and finish) accurately required close collaboration between the technical and visual designers at Sprout, and the engineering teams at Kubota. Sprout traveled to Kubota’s Headquarters in Grapevine, TX to physically inspect product samples, take reference photographs and coordinate CAD processing efforts with Kubota. Together, we developed a CAD preparation, delivery, and processing pipeline enabling their engineering team to streamline their CAD production efforts, while supporting an expedited review and approval process.


Once Sprout received the CAD prepared by the engineering team, we went to work developing a library of material types, lighting scenes, and surface textures to accurately represent each component with consistent photorealism. We then developed automation tools to aid our designers in the creation of the configurators and 360˚ degree turntables.


By The Numbers

To say that the volume of images required to satisfy the project goals was massive would be a bit of an understatement. Every single individual image Sprout produced needed to be 100% correct, attractive, and in high resolution. To execute a project of this scale successfully required excellent project management, streamlined, efficient processes, and attention to detail at every step and for every product.

/Kubota: The Outcome


Our Visualization Designers developed in excess of 51,000 images to support the Build My Kubota initiative— equipping Kubota and its 1100 retailers across the US to serve their customers more effectively and efficiently, and present a unified product portfolio across all platforms. With BMK, buyers can explore more than 18,500 distinct configurations with a simple touch, tailoring equipment to their precise requirements.




“We wanted to bring our customers an option to visualize and connect to what may become equipment used for generations. Sprout brought that need to life. Through exploration with our team to execute a digital hands-on realistic interaction with the equipment, you can now let the experience encapsulate you to the finest of details.”

Beth Stanford

Digital Marketing Manager, Kubota Tractor Corporation

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