Case Study

Creating best-selling skincare and grooming products that stand the test of time

Case Study

Creating best-selling skincare and grooming products that stand the test of time

/ Clio: Intro


In 2001, Clio and Sprout joined forces to tackle the world of personal grooming and skincare. With Clio Founder Jamie Leventhal’s network of manufacturers specializing in personal grooming tools, the challenge was simple, albeit extreme: develop a range of opening price point products (including development and manufacturing) in a crowded industry, that will sell at mass retail.

/ Clio: The Challenge

Designing for Different Demographics

Creating a scope of products within the realm of personal grooming and skincare provides a wide set of demographics to consider including gender, age and price point. Any cross-section of these groups yields wildly different results in the product space — not taking into account Sprout’s extremes of “wild to mild.” Each product required an evaluation of the target market, their needs, and the Clio brand; we needed to stay true to them all.

Clio logo stickers by Sprout Studios
/ Clio: The Approach

Creating the Clio Brand

Over a relationship spanning 20 years, the Sprout team worked with Clio to mastermind the product design, branding, and packaging for multiple companies, brands, sub-brands, licenses, and partnerships in the personal grooming and skincare space. With a large product range, we had to design for various demographics including preteen girls, older women and young men. Across products, the designs are iconic, ergonomic, and aesthetically targeted to each market.

Clio PalmPerfect design sketches by Sprout Studios
Clio PalmPerfect design sketches by Sprout Studios

Standing out
in a crowded market

Standing out on the shelves of mass retailers requires unique packaging that catches eyes and encourages brand loyalty. Understanding that personal grooming is a congested arena, our designers carefully curated the color, material, finish and more for each brand to develop packaging that creates strong connections with customers. For NXT, packaging became an essential part of the product development and advertising strategy. We designed a groundbreaking package with an integrated LED to attract attention in crowded retail environments. The award-winning design enabled NXT to save money on marketing costs while showcasing an innovative take on in-store merchandising.

King of Shaves beard trimmers and products by Sprout Studios

Reenvisioning Women’s Shaving

Sprout developed a comprehensive range of affordable women’s grooming products for Clio under the Palmperfect brand. Palmperfect products can be found in every major retailer in the US and over 40 countries globally. The soft, playful, and feminine forms of the line make it easily recognizable on store shelves. The Palmperfect Classic is the world’s #1 selling electric shaver for women, with over 25 million sold to date.

Finding Success in Skincare

Skincare needs and preferences vary with each unique user, which Clio recognized as a huge opportunity to capture many different markets. Over the years, Sprout developed numerous skincare brands for Clio with every aspect of each designed specifically for a different demographic.

Core Clarity branding and packaging designed by Sprout Studios
MWAH lip gloss designed by Sprout Studios
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/ Clio: The Outcome

Still growing and grooming

In a short time, Sprout developed the design team, protocols, processes and visual brand language for Clio which grew their annual revenue from zero to tens of millions annually.
Over 15 years later, Clio’s Palmperfect Classic is still the world’s best-selling electric shaver for women, with over 25 million sold to date. Clio’s brands are available in 25,000 retailers globally, from Walmart to Target to CVS, with ground-up design licenses for Westinghouse, Boots No7, King of Shaves and many more.

Clio PalmPerfect by Sprout Studios


“Sprout has a keen sense of design and style that couples uniquely with Personal Grooming & CPG products to help create brands and products that are both visually appealing and commercially viable”

Jamie Leventhal

EVP & Founder of Clio, Inc

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