Meet the 2023 Sprout Summer Internship Team

We are excited to introduce the new faces that have joined the Sprout Summer Internship program this summer.

Brandon Lee is a 3D artist and designer studying Industrial Design at Cargenie Mellon University. Brandon’s portfolio includes a mix of all-things-design, as he says he finds himself drawn to the little details in all things. This summer he brings his multidisciplinary skillset to the visualization team at Sprout, where he will be developing photorealistic renderings and animations for a variety of clients. To see more of Brandon’s work, visit his website.

Adam Green is a 2023 graduate of the University of Cincinnati DAAP Program, where he earned his Bachelor of Science in Industrial Design. With previous experience at Garmin and Procter and Gamble, Adam is looking forward to putting his skills to the test with the wide array of projects and clients that consultancy life brings. When he’s not working (or sketching), Adam enjoys rollerblading and record collecting. Check out more of Adam’s portfolio on his website.

Leah Holt joins the team as a marketing designer after recently graduating from Northeastern University with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication and Media Studies. In this position, Leah brings her unique blend of skills in marketing, research, and graphic design to support Sprout in a series of creative campaigns. You can usually find her listening to The Normal Gossip podcast when she’s working, and going to concerts throughout New England when she’s not. See more from Leah on her website.


PS Standby for the debut album from the official Sprout Summer Intern band — we’ve learned that Brandon is a talented saxophonist; Leah has been a percussionist for 10 years; and Adam plays the stand up and electric bass.


Interested in an internship at Sprout? Stay tuned! Applications for fall internships will open soon.

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